2018, Content Goals, And This Blog

Happy Belated New Year!

New Blog and Content Goals for 2018!

It’s the New Year and I wanted to make a post about where this law blog is headed and my goals for this blog. My biggest goal for this blog is that I don’t want this blog to be another generic template law blog that you’ll find on most other law firm websites. Another more personal goal is to grow my legal knowledge threw research and posting an informative blog post each week. Teaching a subject is the best way to become a master at it. Just think back to how prepared you used to have to be in school when it was your day to present your project. This blog post will not only grow my legal knowledge but help our clients, potential clients gain knowledge, and even other attorneys knowledge as well.

Two ways I plan on achieving these goals:

1) I am going to release a new blog post every Monday morning. No exact time, but I will aim to post them by 9 AM. The days may vary from time to time depending on how busy we are at the firm, but for the most part you can expect to see a new blog post every Monday.

2) Most of my posts will still be tailored towards providing helpful information for our clients on personal injury law and the other different practice areas our law firms handle. However, from time to time I am going to post about areas of law, issues not so close to the type of law areas we practice, and even some law practice tips just to keep things interesting and fresh.

Big Announcement! A New Form of Content Coming In February 2018!

In February, we are going to start recording and releasing a new podcast each week! I will announce more on the weeks ahead and exact release dates. At that time, I will also release the name of the podcast and which days of the week to expect this podcast. To preview, the main theme of the podcast will be answering law questions. I will answer legal questions submitted by you guys and ones that come across during my practice. Another topic will be entrepreneurship which is another passion of mines just to keep things fresh where we will take a look at the legal side of entrepreneurship.

I can’t wait to get started on these new content goals and content schedule. I look forward to provide you quality content each week!

Dewayne Hopson is an attorney in Clarksdale, MS. This article is for informational purposes only and by reading this article you acknowledge this general information should not be construed as legal advice.

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