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Is your lawyer too Friendly?

TV always show two lawyers on opposing sides going at each other throats in front of a Judge. Most law firm advertisement even promises an “Aggressive Lawyers!” Truthfully, this is how I expected the field to be before I got involved in the law. However, in real life most lawyers are actually cordial with each other. This doesn’t mean that the lawyers are “conspiring and/or plotting against you” which most clients tend to think when they see lawyers being cordial in court. I’ve had even tell me that about a previous lawyer they had. More often than not, they are just working out solutions to solve both of your problems within the law. In most situations, two lawyers can come together to work out the problems of the clients. You should only be worried if your attorney is not representing or protecting your best interest.

Overly Aggressive Attorneys Can Cause More Harm Then Good!

What would you prefer, two people working towards a common goal or two A-Wholes driving up your legal fees because of their pride? I haven’t meet two lawyers that truly don’t like each other yet. I’m sure they are out there. Often times when lawyers even going at each other throats in court, they are still cordial behind the scenes because at the end of the day you may have to see that lawyer again and often. The Rules of Civil Procedure also calls for lawyers to attempt to work out certain issues before motioning that issue to the Court. I have went against plenty lawyers that “play” aggressive. I usually still “play” cordial or ignore them completely. That usually gets under their skin. Where I get extremely aggressive is in the paperwork and legal research. Being aggressive verbally doesn’t beat good law and legal theories behind your case. Sometimes other attorneys are shocked at what I’m trying to do. At that point, I’ll hit them with assertiveness and respectfulness to get what I want.

Let Your Attorney Do Their Thing!

I’m a true believer that you can get much more accomplished by respecting people, being strategic, smart, preparing hard, and asking for exactly what my client wants and work from there. If us as attorneys can’t figure it out, then we’ll let the judge decide the issue. There is no need to put on a show unless you are in an actual trial or someone is being very disrespectful. Judges would rather the attorneys to act civilized and argue their points. So, the next time you see your attorney being “nice” to the opposing counsel and/or the defendant (or plaintiff) just let your attorney work their magic. Your only concern should be is if your goals are being meet and that your attorney is not letting anyone get over in your situation unless the Judge rules against you in your case.

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