What to do when you have a car accident?

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What to do when you have a car accident? 

Car accidents are always a very unexpecting and extreme inconvenience. Here is what we recommend for you to do when the unexpected happens to you.

Don’t leave the scene.

To avoid possible criminal penalties for being a hit-and-run driver do not leave the scene. Especially if the driver of the other vehicle incurred some type of injuries. You do not want to leave the scene until it is appropriate to do so.

Check on everyone, Call an ambulance if needed. 

The first thing to do after making sure you are OK is to check to make sure that everyone else involved in the accident is OK. If it seems like an ambulance is needed, call one.

Call the police to the scene.

No matter how small the accident is it always a smart decision to call the police to the accident scene. When a police officer is called to the scene they will complete what is called a police report. This report will be very valuable when it is time to file a claim with an insurance company. Just remember to never admit fault while the police is carrying out their investigation.

Exchange information with the other driver.

You want to exchange info with the other driver involved in the accident. Common info to exchange includes: driver license, license plate numbers, insurance info, driver and passenger names, and make and models of the cars. This info will prove valuable when it comes to filing a insurance claim and it will make the claim process go a little faster.

Take pictures and document what happened.

It also would be very smart to take pictures of the accident, cars, and injuries you have suffered as soon as possible. Write down an summary of facts and if there were witnesses get their contact info as well.

Contact your insurance company .

At this point it would also be a good time to call your insurance company to begin the claims process. Also remember to tell the truth and fully cooperate with them.

Keep up with your medical treatment.

If you have suffered injuries, it is very important to keep up with all medical bills and records. Make sure to keep up with the number of doctors, physical therapist, and any other medical providers who treat you. This will be really important when dealing with insurance companies especially if you decide to hire an attorney.

Consider Hiring an attorney.

If you or anyone in your vehicle was injured, its best to contact an experienced injury lawyer. Having a lawyer on your side can help maximized your recovery if you have were not at fault. Here at Hopson Law Group we offer free consultations to clients who have be in a car accident or slip and fall. We work on contingency fee, so you will not be charged unless you are receive a settlement or awarded damages.

At Hopson Law Group we represent clients who are having a tough time dealing with their insurance companies. You can reach us at 662-624-4100 to set up an appointment for a free consultation!

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