The Number 1 Reason Why You Need To Act Quickly If You Are Injured By The Government

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The Number 1 Reason Why You Need To Act Quickly If You Are Injured By The Government?

Time! The statute of limitations to sue a government entity in Mississippi is 1 year. MS Code § 11-46-11 (2016)

This basically means that you only have one year to sue a government entity for damages if you have been injured on their property or in an accident with an government employee. Furthermore, you not only have 1 year to sue them, but you also have to send them an notice of claim 90 days before you file a lawsuit according to the Mississippi Tort Claims Act (MTCA) The notice of claim has to be formatted according to the Notice of Claim MTCA statute rules. If it’s not, then the notice of claim is invalid and does not comply with the statute.

Do get caught by the clock! If you are injured by the government, you need to act quickly and hire an experienced personal injury attorney with knowledge of the MTCA who can navigate its rules.

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