New Mississippi Driving Laws That Have Taken Into Effect In 2018

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For your information, below are a list of new driving laws that recently took effect in Mississippi back in July 2018. They affect the public and even emergency responders.

LEFT LANE DRIVING (RIDING IN THE LEFT LANE — A new law is in place that on any road with at least four lanes, a vehicle should not impede traffic in the left lane. The new law specifies drivers should only use the left lane for passing, unless the right lane is closed, is in disrepair or is otherwise impassable. Drivers could also use the left lane for a left-hand turn or left exit. Punishment would be a fine of $5 to $50.

EMERGENCY VEHICLES DRIVING 30 MILES OVER THE SPEED LIMIT —  Known as the “Kaelin Kersh Act,” requires emergency vehicles, including law enforcement, to use their lights when going 30 miles over the speed limit. It is named for a Mississippi State University track athlete who was killed soon after she graduated in May 2017 by a state trooper who was speeding without lights flashing.

TRANSPORTATION OF INJURED POLICE DOGS  — The new law allows ambulances to transport police dogs that are injured on duty, but only if there are no people requiring medical attention or transport at the time.

ALCOHOL IN DRY COUNTIES — It is now legal to carry unopened containers of alcohol, wine and beer through dry areas on a state or federal highway, without penalty.


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